Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring Time Pics

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather lately. Molly has been having a ball playing in our yard, and starts to whimper when we have to go inside. She's 16 months now and has developed a great personality. Molly loves to sing, dance and hold her sidewalk chalk (not draw with it, just hold it!). We hope you enjoy the hodgepodge of Spring pictures.

Grandma Susan had us over for Mothers' Day brunch.

Molly enjoys snuggling up with her blankey!

Daddy and Molly take some time to enjoy
the beautiful Spring day

"Does it look like I'm ready for bed?"

Molly enjoyed her first ice cream cone of the season.

Molly likes to go exploring in our yard --
notice the sidewalk chalk in her hand.


Maria said...

I love the "bed time" photo!!!! your flowers are beautiful. we are still behind you on nice weather, that is what you get for living in BUFFALO!!!!

cecilia said...

i have so much to comment on but i'll stick to a few things...1) i love the flowers! 2) im so glad molly has been introduced to the wonderful world of ice cream! 3) the pic of her with her blankie is ADORABLE!!! and 4) so is the family pic!

ok, that's it for now!!! love ya'll!

Paul Fifield said...

Love the blankie picture! Like Mamma, like baby! :)

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