Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Atlanta or Bust!

This past weekend, we headed to Atlanta for my cousin Kelly's wedding. It was also a weekend filled with "firsts" for Molly -- her first plane ride, her first hotel stay and her first wedding. We had a great time and it wonderful to see everyone!

Molly enjoyed running around the airport.

Daddy and Molly couldn't wait to swim at the hotel.

Sadie and Molly enjoyed all the delicious food at the wedding.

Sophie and Molly were little "Dancing Queens!"

Molly sported pink Chuck Taylors with her dress.

After the wedding the family got together to hang out.
Molly and cousin Luke take a break from all the partying.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally, Spring has Arrived!

We apologize for our lack of posts lately. But when you're stuck inside, it doesn't lead to anything exciting. It's gotten nicer recently, so we decided to take our dinner to the park the other day and let Molly spread her legs a little. Although there were slides and things to climb on, all she wanted to do was swing.