Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Times

Molly thinks she's hot stuff with her cell phone (an old one Grammy gave her)
and her hip, red purse. I don't know who she talks to, but I can't pry that phone from her hands. I hope it's not a sign of things to come!

Grammy surprised Molly with a water and sand table. Because she puts everything in her mouth, we opted not to put sand in this year. So actually, it's a water and water table. Grammy also got Molly some cool water toys. She loved the squirting dinosaurs so much, she took them to bed that night!

Molly was distracted by her friend Sonny the dog.
I thought it was a great shot of her cute, little curls though!


Paul Fifield said...

I love the smock idea! And what beautiful curls Molly! Two months and counting!!!

Paul said...

I think you may have a future Martha Stewart on your hands.

Saavy business woman and gardener all in one.

(Without the insider trading, that is.)

Brendan & Michelle said...

Molly must be talking to Shay, b/c whenever he gets ahold of our phones, he throws a fit if we try to take it away!! We better remind them that the "free" minutes don't start until after they're in bed!!!

cecilia said...

love the curls!!! so cute!!!

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