Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching up!

Because of the lovely Pittsburgh weather, we haven't been doing much. However, here a few random pics to keep you updated.

For Valentine's Day, Pappy made a special stool for Molly
so she can reach the bathroom sink. However,
Molly thought it was a seat for playing her guitar on!
Daddy took Molly to Home Depot for their Children's Workshop.
They built a birdhouse together and Molly couldn't wait to paint it.

After painting the birdhouse, Molly was on a painting kick.
Here she is showing her watercolor ability.

Hanging out on the table!

Molly surviving the elements in the house.

She pulled a "Forest Gump" in this picture
and closed her eyes -- priceless!
Apparently you need a helmet to ride a Smart Cycle.
Daddy always says "safety first."