Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching up!

Because of the lovely Pittsburgh weather, we haven't been doing much. However, here a few random pics to keep you updated.

For Valentine's Day, Pappy made a special stool for Molly
so she can reach the bathroom sink. However,
Molly thought it was a seat for playing her guitar on!
Daddy took Molly to Home Depot for their Children's Workshop.
They built a birdhouse together and Molly couldn't wait to paint it.

After painting the birdhouse, Molly was on a painting kick.
Here she is showing her watercolor ability.

Hanging out on the table!

Molly surviving the elements in the house.

She pulled a "Forest Gump" in this picture
and closed her eyes -- priceless!
Apparently you need a helmet to ride a Smart Cycle.
Daddy always says "safety first."


Paul Fifield said...

Yay! Welcome back to the blogging world! Love the updated pics...especially the one of Molly sitting on the table! How are you feeling??

Brendan and Michelle said...

Shay has those SAME green boots and he loves them!! Same hemangioma, same boots...they must be related:)

cecilia tinajero said...

Love the pics! Ya'll have one talented little girl on your the painting!

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