Monday, December 22, 2008

Lunch with Santa!

We headed to Trax Farm with our friends the Kasperowski's to have lunch with Santa. Of course, from far away, Molly was very excited to see the Big Guy. However, when it was our turn to see him, well, you'll see...

Max gets his lunch from Santa, while Miss Tracy and Sarah look on.
Molly colors while she eats.

And here it is...our "picture" with Santa!
Yes, Molly is in there somewhere!

We also made gingerbread houses.
Here's our group picture: Miss Tracy, Max, Sarah,
Molly, Allison and John.

Molly and Sarah really liked putting their
faces through the holes!

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cecilia tinajero said...

CUTE! Would have been better if Mommy sat on Santa's lap. ;-)