Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a very successful Halloween here at the Welch house. On Thursday, we carved our family Jack o' Lantern. Then on Friday our little "Elmo" had a blast trick-or-treating. After a few houses, Molly got the idea and ended up unloading her bag twice!

Molly was a big help getting all the seeds out --
but she didn't like touching it!

Before trick-or-treating, Elmo went for a little swing --
and tested our candy!

Molly proudly shows off all her hard work!


cecilia tinajero said...

wow...you have one talented daughter! she did great on that jack-o-lantern! and i love the elmo costume! so cute!

Brendan and Michelle said...

Who knew that Elmo could look so beautiful!? She is growing up so fast! Great job on the pumpkin, Mol! And keep an eye on that candy! You worked hard for that!!