Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daddy's New Office

Daddy's company built a brand new, state-of-the-art building and on Saturday, they held an "Open House" for family and friends. The day was complete with a picnic lunch, free ice cream and entertainment. Molly, as you'll see, liked the ice cream the best!

Molly tries out Daddy's new chair. She wasn't a fan!
John stops to get autographs from Pirate legends
Kent Tekulve and Steve Blass .
He also got one from former Penguin player Phil Bourque (The Ole 2-9er).
The Pirate Parrot stops to say "hi" to Molly.

Instead of getting her face painted,
she got Elmo painted on her arm.
She then stopped to see a clown for a balloon flower.

The Washington Wild Thing wanted a taste of Molly's hot dog!
Needless to say, after eating this tasty treat, she
was a sticky mess from head to toe. We knew it was time to hit the road!


Paul Fifield said...

ELMO!!! Let's go see him again!

cecilia said...

looks like fun! i wish i could see you, molly!