Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idewild Park and Storybook Forest

Yesterday, my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group got together for a day at Idlewild Park. It's a great family-friendly park with rides, a water-park, and Jumpin' Jungle. Storybook Forest is also part of the park. They take well known nursery rhymes and fairly tales and make them come "alive" for the kids. Molly LOVED it. We spent the most time there. We took a ton a pictures, so it was hard to decide which ones to post. Despite the heat (and mommy's headache), we had a great time.

Mommy and Molly enter Storybook Forest through a giant book.

Molly chats it up with Mother Goose.

Daddy told Molly to stay away from boys like this.

Molly got a treat on the "Good Ship Lollipop" and was nice
enough to share it with Daddy.

Molly offered her lollipop to Goldilocks, but she passed.

Molly found this chair to be just right!

"Peter, Peter pumpkin eater..."

Molly got an apple sticker from Snow White.

She then looked at the Mirror on the Wall.

Molly makes her way to Grandmother's house
to see Little Red Riding Hood.

Mommy is not a good listener.

Daddy makes a great dwarf!

Mommy and Molly take a ride on Aladdin's magic carpet.
We headed into the amusement park to go on some rides.
Daddy and Molly started on the Caterpillar.

Molly gives a "high five" to this strange cowboy.

In Jumpin' Jungle, they have a potato sack slide, a ball pit and a zip line.
Here, air shoots out of the pipes and causes the balls to hover in the air.
Molly thought it was pretty neat!

Daddy and Molly go on her favorite ride, the "Whip."


Brendan & Michelle said...

How fun! That place looks so cute!! From the pics you can totally tell that Molly had a blast!!

Gina said...

What an awesome place for kids! I can't wait to see Molly at Sesame Place!

cecilia said...

how fun!!! i like molly's face with the floating ball!

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