Friday, December 7, 2007

Molly Meets Santa

We headed to our local library for a tree trimming party. There were a ton of kids, a choir singing Christmas carols, and of course Santa. We had a lot of fun and Molly made some new friends.

Molly and Mommy catch up on their reading before Santa's arrival.

You can tell from her expression, Molly wasn't too sure about Old St. Nick.

Molly inspected Santa for a few minutes and then decided she didn't like him.

Paul Fifield would be very, very disappointed with Allison's camera work. I guess they will give a Communications Degrees to anyone at Franciscan University.


Paul Fifield said...

Whose idea was it to put tiny children on a big, scary, red guy's lap and expect them to like it??? We're going tomorrow! :)
Paul hasn't seen the video yet, but I am sure he will have a few pointers!

Paul said...

That was some serious discernment on Molly's part ... she was checking him OUT.

cecilia said...

i love it! there is nothing cuter than babies crying on santa's lap...well, in my opinion. and just for the record, i was quite impressed with your camera work. ;)

Brendan & Michelle said...

Don't worry, Molly! Shay hasn't met Santa yet, but he will probably react the same way when he does! What a smart cookie she is! John, it should bring you some peace of mind about when she's a teenager...she won't run off with the first guy that comes along, and you'll save on shotgun shells!!